Art Direction

For Film, TV & Stills

Along with Photography, I also specialize in art direction. Might it be for film, Tv or for stills images, I can create looks and composition for any of your artistic needs!



From idea to reality, I can research looks, ideas and design for any kind of projects, any era, and any style all by respecting your production budget


Set dressing, set design as well as on set management. Leave it to me to prepare the set for your shoot, up to the tiniest detail


From weapons, to armour, to any specific needs of your production, If I can't find it I can make it! I have a varied skillset that includes painting, weathering, sculpting, as well as preparing SFX props with Latex.


I have years of experience managing teams. From dispatching to various department, to creating documents and making sure everything is being tracked! I can work with the Google suite, the office suite, Notion and most project management applications

Film & TV Projects

A sample of the film & TV Projects I worked on in the last year

Hors Contexte

Short - In Production
2023 Release

Art Director for an independant short feature focused around the reality of a police force in modern times. by directors Sébastien Dubé & Enrick Grand'Maison

  • Set design and dressing
  • Costumes design
  • Overall art direction and mood

Girls of Bathroom B

Short - Completed
2022 Release

Production Designer for a short taking place in a high school in the 70s by director Sal Eight

  • Location scooting
  • Overseeing the hair, makeup and costumes department
  • Set design and dressing
  • Overall art direction and mood


Feature - In Post-Prod
Q4 2023 Release

Art director for an anti-superhero gore thriller feature film and TV Series set in a dystopian corrupted city by Director Rémi Fréchette, in collaboration with Frisson.TV

  • Set dressing
  • Props making including latex masks and puppets
  • Making of gore effects
  • Overseeing costumes and set design
  • Overall art direction and mood

Photo Art Direction

Art Direction for Products, Fashion and Corporate projects


Set design

Designing and setting up product for the perfect shoot


In Studio or On Location

Costume design, light setup and model selection



Leave it to me to find the perfect location and outfit to make your personal branding shine!